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Discharge Scripts

Posted on June 10, 2008

Do they even look at these damn things?

I have a hospital near me that generates discharge scripts via computer. It's all based on what meds the patient was on during the stay in-house. I know the process there because I called and spoke with their pharmacist on duty one night. We hate our jobs equally.

It goes like this. The Ward Clerk generates a list of all current meds on the MAR (Medication Administration Record). This sheet includes PRNs, parenterals, orals, rectals -- the works. The doctor then goes down the list and circles YES or NO. This sheet is then sent to the pharmacist who removes the NO drugs from the profile (by D/C'ing them). Then, the pharmacist prints these sheets directly on the floor and they are reviewed by the patient's nurse based on what was said and what s/he expected. There is a space for the doctor to sign. My pharmacy will fill these w/o the docs signature because we deal with the hospital so much and these sheets are not "fake able." I will admit though, that only 1 out of every 50 are unsigned. So, for the most part, the doctor has the OPPORTUNITY to review these sheets again. A quantity is written in on the bottom as well -- usually it's ONE MONTH.

So I can say, without a doubt then, that at least THREE sets of eyes see (or should see) these damn things before being given to a patient -- Pharmacist, [Ward Clerk perhaps?], Nurse, and Doctor.

Why in the fuck did I get a sheet today that listed:
1. Fentanyl PCA 10mcg/hr Basal with 10mcg on Demand Every 10 Minutes.
2. D5NS 100mL/hr
3. Naloxone
- This was obviously in a 'set' with the Fentanyl to pull from a Pyxis if needed.
4. Heparin Lock Flush 100 Units prn
5. Ancef 1g one hour pre-op

How did this shit get by? It was fucking signed by the doctor. He even wrote in *his* DEA number to cover the fentanyl...the only Narc on the script.

There was more on the script of course - they always leave OTC/PRN stuff and we just use our professional judgment on how to get those things to the patients (Ibuprofen, Docusate, Baby ASA). Usually we just grab it off the shelf if they want it.
But seriously? Dextrose in Normal Saline? Would you like me to educate the patient on how to start a line on himself? Should I also work through with him on how to operate the PCA Pump he has in his bedroom - making sure he sets it for MICROgrams rather than MILLIgrams since it's fentanyl? [End Sarcasm]

I'm expected to review my work before it leaves my pharmacy. Why is this healthcare team not expected to do the same? I could get in serious trouble for not checking my final product prepared by my technicians.

If you care about the outcome I reached - I just scratched the bullshit out. Later in the night when it slowed down, I called the pharmacist on duty there and let him know that that stuff snuck through. He attributed it to "a student screwing around on the computer." I attributed it to his laziness or lackadaisical demeanor. He did not like my analysis -- nor did he apologize for the actions of himself or his student. If his lame-ass excuse was valid/true -- it's still his fault for not staring over the student's shoulder...which would be the law for the student entering orders in my state of residence.