The *Angriest* Pharmacist You want your prescription filled when? Eat shit…

Voicemail prescription on Memorial Day

Posted on May 30, 2011

Had a doctor call in a prescription today...on Memorial Day. I could tell from his tone on the voicemail he left that HE WAS PISSED. He was bothered. He was angry. He was leaving a prescription for, let's call him Cal Ripkin. Here is the message verbatim:

"Prescription for Cal Ripkin. Zpak. No Refills. This is Dr. Johnson."

Luckily, I knew who Dr. Johnson was because he did not say his first name. I could just hear it in his voice that Mr. Ripkin called him at home or through the exchange acting as if he would absolutely die without a ZPAK STAT! And, rather than tell Mr. Ripkin to stop being a pussy and take a nap and some Tylenol, he just called in the prescription. Is antibiotic begging becoming some sort of weird variation of drug seeking?

Mr. Ripkin called me moments later and arrived mere minutes later. He needed that fucking ZPAK...

As I'm ringing him out, he doesn't ask about cough medicine. He doesn't ask about Advil or Tylenol. He doesn't ask me any REAL questions at all. He does hold out his hand and show me his palm. He's got a giant blister -- looks like it was from fighting a push mower without gloves.

"Will this ZPAK help with this blister?"

"I don't think it will. It's not super-red. It's definitely not infected. I wouldn't have torn it open -- maybe you could cover it with some super glue or Nu-skin to keep it from hurting."

"Oh. I kinda thought.....well....okay...thanks...."


So, let's recap here. Patient calls doctor for antibiotic. Doctor doesn't ask why, what for, or any questions. (It's for a blister, by the fucking way) Patient doesn't tell doctor what it's for. (It's for a blister, by the fucking way) Pharmacist fills it, patient comes to pick it up and pharmacist discovers patient wanted it for a blister, BY THE FUCKING WAY.

What a waste of time, money, resources, and my patience. This is one of the biggest examples of problems within our healthcare system -- WASTE and MISUSE OF ANTIBIOTICS. Super bug, anyone? This is how we are going to create it....