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Helping a young pharmacist establish authority when faced with strong technician personalities

Posted on September 9, 2011

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This is a submitted question/dilemma from a young pharmacist known as "M" -- s/he is requesting that the community help her with some professional advice and recommendations from our little blogosphere community.


As a new pharmacist, I have a dilemna concerning my role/authority in the pharmacy.  Since I'm new to the store, I have a lot to learn from the senior techs as far as managing the pharmacy is concerned.  In essence, they are actually training me to run the pharmacy.  For this reason, I sometimes feel like they take advantage of that, and they do whatever they want.  They often come in late and call off last minute.  One technician doesn't like to 'fill' so I end up filling most of the scripts, verifying, and then ringing it out as well.  She claims she has other stuff to do, which she sometimes does.  I can't complain much because she will do certain tasks and help free my ear from the telephone.  However, I'm just not comfortable with her not listening when I ask for her to help in filling. I'm trying hard to learn much so I don't find myself solely dependent on them (technicians).  So far, I've been nothing but nice to them, and they've yet to call in on my shift.  But I know that day will eventually come... Regardless, this has got to stop. We must be able to depend on them as our patients depend on us.

Please help me by providing me some ideas on how I can approach the situation with both my pharmacy manager, other staff pharmacists, and most importantly, address my concerns gingerly with the technicians without alienating them and subsequently finding myself on the wrong end of a string of sick days! I've also got to consider various friendships (or grudges) between techs and pharmacists, or even techs and techs.

Any advice would be most appreciated! Thanks!



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