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Helicopter Parents

Posted on April 19, 2013

I received the following message through the site some time ago, and I'd like to share it with the world. The insanity of it made me cringe.

Name: Louise
Website: http://Angriestpharmacist
Message: My son is in his 4/6 of pharmacy school.  He failed (d) in one class lest semester, and is failing another.  What now, the school only allows you two failures.  What can he become whIth the classes he has already taken?  Help. Thanks

Time: Thursday December 20, 2012 at 4:03 pm
Contact Form URL:
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I cannot imagine a scenario where contacting the proprietor of a website named THE ANGRIEST PHARMACIST in regards to my child's grades / education / future seems like the right decision to make. [The AOL.COM email address says enough.] How many other people should you contact before you get to INTERNET BLOGS on the list of outlets to turn to? Let's see:  the professor, TA's for the class, the student's adviser, dean's office, student affairs office, ANOTHER school's admission's office, OTHER parents with kids at the school, and I'm sure I missed some. All this, of course, would come AFTER kicking this kid's ass for screwing around and partying too much.

Instead, she contacts me...assuming I understand the policies at WHATEVER school and know the classes he HAS taken and passed so I can help plan his future FOR HIM.

Would you ever turn to me for anything? Let's hope not.